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Le Toilet Spray
Lora M.
Great product for home,bathroom and car!!

Multi useful product for unpleasant odor and to uplift your mood.Zingy citrus,fresh notes,brings a smile to your face.Bring in your purse or set on your toilet for easy access.Spray a little to cover a lot of stink! I also find it great to cover up pet odor!! I would definitely recommend this brand and product!! Beautiful packaging!

Love it!

This is so much nicer than other sprays. The scent is amazing and I don't feel so bad leaving it behind :)

Travel Spray Duo Set
French really don’t smell!

Works perfectly, exactly as described.
One in each bathroom keeps my home fresh!
Scent is elegant and the travel size is perfect in my makeup bag for work and any other public poops!

In love

I am in love with the 'French Don't Smell' samples. They smell divine. The citrus one is refreshing and great for washroom. The fren, tonka bean, and lichen turned out to be my favorite, I might have sprayed my hair a few times (shh!). Amazingly addicting!

Love the smell!!

These products smell so good! - not overly perfumey and synthetic like the competitor. They smell like essential oils - I LOVE them.

Travel Spray Duo Set
Roselyn B.
Excellent product!

Leaves the bathroom smelling pleasant and fresh. I leave it on my bathroom shelf so everyone can use it. Love how small and discrete it is too.

Travel bottle

I really love this product. It is easy to use and very effective. The travel size is great to keep in my bag when I am out.
The scent is lovely and really traps odours well! The ingredients are natural, eco-friendly and vegan. Definitely recommend this as a must have in your bag and at home!

Travel Spray Duo Set
Christine W.
This was a gift.

My 12yo daughter loves this product and so do I! Beautiful in my Restroom and works perfectly!

Less smelly bathroom!

Less smelly bathroom! Great without being overwhelming

Tres Bien magnifique aroma

Such a beautiful scent I received a sample 😍 I love it and will purchase!!

Travel Spray Duo Set
Gergely N.
Better than I expected!

They smell surprisingly good! I wasn't expecting much from a toilet spray but both of them are excellent compositions, my favourite is the fern, tonka, lichen one.

Surprisingly refreshing

I didn't know what to expect from this product, but it was a definite upgrade for my bathroom. Both are refreshing and smell natural, not like a cleaning product. A must for every French toilette!

Free Toilet Spray
Mandy M.
Awesome stuff

This stuff works great at hiding those embarrassingnodors

I love it!

I used at home and out to the mall washrooms. I feel more confident when using washroom out in public!:)


Left a great fragrance in my water closet😍


Oh heck

These are literally insane ! I love them . Life changing to be honest .

Travel Spray Duo Set
My household guests love this!

French Don't Smell is quite literally eau de toilet, but BETTER! You spray it on the water, and await mother nature. When you're finished, and flush, you don't have to worry about any embarrassment at all! These bathroom fragrances are actually being used as an overall spray as well, because it smells so beautiful and it's NOT like what you get at the grocery store to make your bathroom smell like cheap cherry deodorant. Think of your bathroom smelling like a luxury 5-star resort! And, this really LASTS! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌥


Perfect to keep in your purse in case of emergency. The scents are unlike other PooPourri brands I have come across (so much better!) and the packaging definitely makes it worth the purchase.

I love it!

It is fabulous. I will be ordering more

Smells good

The smell of your products are so good I use a spritz in other rooms.

I LOVE French Don't Smell!!

I have the 10ml spray bottle of both scents and I prefer the Orange/mandarin/lime zest especially! The bottle says 2-3 sprits into the bowl, but I found that even 1 spray was enough to do the trick. Thanks for a great product!!

Travel bottle
Trini D.
Smells great

Smells great. Not overpowering.

Travel bottle
Melody K.
The title could use some tweeking

It has a nice fragrance and leaves the bathroom smelling nice for hours after use

Travel bottle
Laci F.

Delightful smell and portability!