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Questions about French Don't Smell Products

It is a spray that is used before going to the bathroom to stay discreet 💁‍♀️. It will create a protective film on the surface of the water to block odors before they spread around the room. It is surprisingly effective! 

Our product is made in Grasse, in the South of France where parfumerie was created! It was created by perfume craftsman with the objective to create a product that blocks odors (barrier part) and replaces with a delicate aroma (scent part).

Our product is very different and unlike anything you may have tried before. Imagine a sophisticated perfume smell that blocks odors while leaving your restroom smelling fresh. Stay discreet and chic 💁‍♀️

Yes, our formula is easily biodegradable and is safe for your toilets and plumbing system.

Mais oui 💁‍♀️

We strongly advise that you keep our on-the-go toilet spray in your purse or bag! It is the perfect product to have whenever an embarrassing situation might arise!

Because it's made by ze French !

No just kidding, well kind of 😉

We have spent years developing a formula that is both highly biodegradable & effective and the result is astonishing!

In essence French Don't Smell is :

- A precise blend of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, French Don’t Smell is both highly effective and biodegradable (and yes, we’re vegan too).

- glass bottles and a sealed inviolable system ensures it can be used anytime, anywhere, with zero risks of accidents or spillage.

- An accessible yet chic product that will look good on every shelf and in every bag — perfect as a housewarming gift to yourself or someone you love

We think our toilet spray is best sold as a pack because you never know when you might need it!

One bottle in your purse and one bottle above your restroom, et voilà!

We suggest one Duo Set per bathroom.

Mais non!

The glass used for our bottles is called yellow glass, and it is much more resistant than average glass!

It's not unbreakable, but almost!
Trust us, you can leave that bottle in your purse, and it won't break!

Our pumps are made with a sealed inviolability system to ensure that you can carry your toilet spray anywhere, anytime, with no risks of accidents or spillage.