What is Le Toilet Spray?

Le new way to keep your bathroom secrets a secret.

When sprayed directly into the toilet bowl, essential oils form a powerful barrier that keeps bad smells from escaping.

Each Spray de toilette is created by master scent mixologists in Grasse, France—home to the best ingredients and savoir-faire in perfume making.

◾ Made with natural essential oils from France

◾ Freshen air with your choice of botanical scent

◾ Eliminate odors before they escape

So, How Do I Use It?

Spray twice before going number 2 instantly traps bad odors before releasing a delicate citrusy or woodsy scent.

Et voilà, no more embarrassing situations in public or at home gatherings.

Our portable recycled glass bottles are discreet and tasteful for easy on-to-go carrying or bathroom display.

◾ Recyclable glass bottles
◾ Safe for septic systems
◾ Eco-friendly ingredients

Les SONGS to Cover Le Not So Chic Sounds