Le Toilet Spray Duo Set

Travel-size (10ml) + Full-size (1.69 ounce)

What is it: the most effective toilet spray that leaves your bathroom smelling clean and fresh

How it works? Spray twice before going number 2 instantly traps bad odors

    Choose your scent :

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    Why Is Le Toilet Spray So Effective?

    • Unlike traditional eau de toilette sprays, which attempt to cover smells in the air, our toilet spray traps odors underwater to keep your air fresh.

    • Each bottle contains a precise blend of essential oils and environmentally friendly ingredients, making French Don’t Smell spray both highly effective and biodegradable (and yes, we’re vegan too).

    • A recyclable glass bottle and sealed inviolability system ensure that you can carry your toilet spray anywhere, anytime, with no risks of accidents or spillage.

    • Le Toilet Spray is an accessible yet chic product that will look good on every shelf and in every bag—and it’s perfect as a housewarming gift to yourself or someone you love!

    Scents & ingredients

    French Don’t Smell comes in two discreet yet highly effective scents:

    Citrus is a light and refreshing blend of Orange, Mandarin & Lime Zest. With base notes of Juicy Grapefruit

    Woodsy has a more masculine touch and is made of a blend of Fern, Tonka Beans & Lichen. With notes of Sea Breeze.

    At French Don’t Smell, we work hard to create the most environmentally-friendly and vegan aromas.

    Our products do not contain parabens, phthalates, aerosols, or formaldehyde.

    Our spray is safe for your septic tank, plumbing system and planet!

    Precautions: This product is only intended for use on the water surface of your toilet bowl. Do not apply spray to your body or any other surface. Read the instructions before using.

    Made with ❤️ in France.


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    You’ll love French Don't Smell products or your money back! We stand behind our products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, we offer a full refund.


    “Works perfectly for smell control”

    “The smell is very subtle and sophisticated. I keep the small bottle in my purse all the time and leave the big one in my house! Merci French Don’t Smell ❤️!”

    —Jennah, Newark, NJ

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Lora M.
    Great product for home,bathroom and car!!

    Multi useful product for unpleasant odor and to uplift your mood.Zingy citrus,fresh notes,brings a smile to your face.Bring in your purse or set on your toilet for easy access.Spray a little to cover a lot of stink! I also find it great to cover up pet odor!! I would definitely recommend this brand and product!! Beautiful packaging!

    Love it!

    This is so much nicer than other sprays. The scent is amazing and I don't feel so bad leaving it behind :)

    French really don’t smell!

    Works perfectly, exactly as described.
    One in each bathroom keeps my home fresh!
    Scent is elegant and the travel size is perfect in my makeup bag for work and any other public poops!

    In love

    I am in love with the 'French Don't Smell' samples. They smell divine. The citrus one is refreshing and great for washroom. The fren, tonka bean, and lichen turned out to be my favorite, I might have sprayed my hair a few times (shh!). Amazingly addicting!

    TILLY B.
    Love the smell!!

    These products smell so good! - not overly perfumey and synthetic like the competitor. They smell like essential oils - I LOVE them.

    Roselyn B.
    Excellent product!

    Leaves the bathroom smelling pleasant and fresh. I leave it on my bathroom shelf so everyone can use it. Love how small and discrete it is too.

    Travel bottle

    I really love this product. It is easy to use and very effective. The travel size is great to keep in my bag when I am out.
    The scent is lovely and really traps odours well! The ingredients are natural, eco-friendly and vegan. Definitely recommend this as a must have in your bag and at home!

    Christine W.
    This was a gift.

    My 12yo daughter loves this product and so do I! Beautiful in my Restroom and works perfectly!

    Less smelly bathroom!

    Less smelly bathroom! Great without being overwhelming