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Discover French Don't Smell, an effective toilet spray that will leave your house smell like magic!

Easily Biodegradable

Made in France

Free delivery to EU + USA + delivery worldwide according to FAQ

How does it Works ?

Spray twice directly inside the toilet bowl before a number 2. Et voilà

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Ventling

Great packaging. Did you send a price sheet with it...we haven't had time to take an in depth look, they are sitting on the receiving table.

Decor A.B.
Simply lovely!

Thank you for the generous samples…We have enjoyed this product very much. The scents are beautiful (as anything from Grasse France has to be!💞).
We will be ordering to carry this at Decor Afore Boutique.

Jericho W.
THE BEST!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG! French Don't Smell Toilet Spray is AMAZZZING!!!!!!!!!! The Bottle is a good size and is worth the price its priced at! I recommend the citrus smell!

Karen R.
Works great

I spritz the bowl before I go and no one else will ever know. It's the original non-toxic before-you-go toilet spray that stops bathroom odors before they ever begin - seriously! I really needed this for my husband. It works great for my trash bins also. I have two that are travel sprays that I can carry with me in my hand bag that has up to 20 uses and two large size that I put in my bathrooms. The two scents are Woodsy is Fern, Tonka bean and Lichen and Citrus Orange is, Mandarin and Lime Zest. They smell like getting lost in the rain and Spring time.
It's very unique and has a discreet design and comes in a glass bottle.
It's made in France in Grasse by Parfum artisans and it is biodegradable and packed and produced in France. It leaves the bathroom smelling good for hours.